Medical Eye Care

Preventative Care

Keeping your eyes healthy is our number one goal. Preventive eye care can help each member of your family maintain healthy eyes by safeguarding against eye diseases, like cataracts, glaucoma, or diabetic eye problems. With routine eye care, we’ll help you maintain healthy eyes.

Restorative Care

Time can take a serious toll on your eye health. Even with routine eye care and visits to your optometrist, you might miss something. That’s why we offer a full range of restorative eye care services, including LASIK.

Cosmetic Procedures

Our cosmetic eye procedures will help give you the confidence to share your beautiful eyes with the world. We offer a variety of eyelid options and other procedures such as BOTOX.


Eyelid Surgery

Our eyes are what people notice more than any other feature.   An oculoplastic surgeon has a full appreciation of the anatomic complexity of the eyelids, and uses microsurgical skills to restore both function and appearance.

Sometimes these same skills are called upon to make a change in the appearance of the eyelids, such as when the “double eyelid” is created in the Asian eyelid.

At Burien Medical Eye Care LLC, all eyelid surgeries are performed in the convenience and safety of our office; where we are able to control every aspect of the quality of our services to you.  This includes easy scheduling Monday through Friday.

Most of our procedures are accepted by your medical insurance as “medically necessary”.  When required, we obtain prior authorization from your health insurance company after your consultation visit.

We take pride in the very rapid recovery enjoyed by our clients, as well as the very natural resulting appearance that you can expect to enjoy.  Our clients typically enjoy a recovery time that is less than half as long as other clinics which offer these same services.

When our services are outside the scope of your medical insurance, you will find our fees are very competitive.  We pass along to you the tremendous savings that result from office based procedures.


Routine Eye Care

While it is true that you can obtain a routine examination of the eyes at many types of eyeglass shops and optometric offices, at no additional cost to you, your examination by an “Eye M.D.” provides you with the confidence that you have been examined by a real medical doctor.

During the course of the routine examination, it is not uncommon for an Eye M.D. to detect problems from medications, problems that might have resulted from medical conditions treated by your other doctors, or medical problems that have previously gone undetected. 

In this office we have diagnosed life threatening tumors that had gone undetected by other doctor’s offices, by hospital emergency rooms, and by elaborate hospital CT scans.


Glaucoma is a potentially blinding, although painless, condition.  You are much more likely to have glaucoma when it was detected in one of your parents or siblings.  Without expert testing, you cannot know whether you have glaucoma.

This condition is usually associated with elevated pressure inside the eye.  There is no connection between glaucoma and the blood pressure that your general medical doctor might be treating.

At this office, we use state-of-the-art computerized instruments to detect glaucoma during your routine examinations.  We are expert in both the medical and surgical management of glaucoma, and take every measure to minimize the cost to the patient.


In the right hands, cataract surgery is both swift and simple; taking less than than fifteen minutes and resulting in rapid and magnificent improvement of vision.

When to have treatment for cataracts is decided by taking into account the impact that the cataracts make on one’s life style and the amount of expected visual improvement.  We review these considerations with you, and work with only the most trusted and reputable cataract surgeons to assure that your experience is pleasant and rewarding.

Eye Injury Surgery

Our office is expert at treating acute eye injuries that have occurred at home or on the job. 

We will process any employer-related forms, including Labor & Industries paperwork.

Our goal is to have you seen and treated rapidly, provide appropriate and expert care for your injury, and to enable swift return to your work.  Minimum delays in receiving appropriate treatment often means days of missed work avoided.


When Botox was approved for cosmetic use in 2002, this office already had thirteen years of Botox experience, as we had been using Botox for treatment of  blepharospasm since 1989.

Our 20 units are a “true” 20 units, and our clients appreciate the difference it makes when they receive Botox from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. 


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